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The Melodious Nocturne
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(This is my rp journal for Demyx in kh_rebirth!!!)

Character's homeland: The World That Never Was (Originally from Twilight Town)
Character's age: 20
Alliance: Twilight
Brief history: Demyx is a rowdy,loud water master who likes to have a good time. Demyx isn't a good fighter so the saying "All talk and no action" applies to him perfectly.
Regarding his past, Demyx was always a huge fan of music, seeing as his weapon of choice is a Sitar. Demyx was your average teen, jamming in garages with his friends, having a good old time in Twilight Town. Until one day he wanted to be free of associates in his hobby, so he left it all behind. He left his past life behind and wandered until he ended up at "The World That Never Was". Overtime, Demyx forgot about the life he gave up due to wanting his independence. From time to time he has flashbacks, but he still doesn't remember how he even ended up where he did. Demyx has barely any recollection of his past life, except for his interest in music and having a good time.
Demyx likes to spend his time jamming and having a good time. He also likes to taunt his enemies.